• Highland Pony News Omnibus

    Exciting time ahead! Since publishing the Highland Pony 2020 Project in July last year we, at the Highland Pony Society, have been working hard on our latest book, the ‘Highland Pony News Omnibus’. It has now gone to print and will be available in the HPS shop later this month. The original Highland Pony News magazines which ran from 1969 to 1975 have been digitally re-edited to form one historic book. At between 52 and 44 years interval since the magazines were originally published, these reproduced publications to form a single ‘Ominbus’ book dedicated to our breed. This hard back book of 324 pages is packed full of black and…

  • All invited to an Equine Grass Sickness Webinar for Horse Owners

    Calling all horse owners interested in helping to find solutions to this dreadful disease! You are invited to join a Webinar on Thursday 25th March 7.30-8.30pm to hear about a new research project using a fresh approach to investigate the causal agents involved in EGS. Find out about how you can help develop the new national biobank and database, critical to help further research into this devastating disease of equids. The Webinar will be Chaired by Prof Lee Innes, Moredun, with short updates from Drs Beth Wells and Kathy Geyer, Moredun; Sylvia Ormiston, Balmoral Stud Manager; Sophie Cookson, Welfare Operations Manager, BHS and Donald McLean, MRCVS, experienced EGS vet. There…

  • Use of Kinship Analysis when Considering Breeding

    Breeders use lots of tools to decide which stallion to choose for their mare, particularly 'stocksmanship' which combines the art of putting together bloodlines using experience and science to maximise the possibility of producing quality progeny which follow the breed standard. As has been recorded in a previous member’s newsletter, a complementary tool to stocksmanship is kinship analysis where a value can be put on the relationship between mares and selected stallions. The mean kinship of the Highland pony breed is 0.0403 (4%) and it would not be advisable to select a match where the kinship was higher than this. If you would like a full kinship analysis on your…

  • The Launch of the In Hand Awards Scheme

    The HPS Performance Awards Schemes in Scotland and England & Wales have been running very successfully for around 40 years. Council is delighted now to be introducing a UK wide In Hand Scheme running along broadly similar lines. Whenever members are out and about competing in hand, they will earn points which accumulate to grand totals for the year. We are very grateful to all the donors of 13 perpetual trophies which have been presented: Overall - Alan and Carolyn Munro, Loandhu Highland Ponies Reserve - Amanda Fairclough, Shawgreen Highland Ponies Best Mare - Sarah Macintosh, Redleys Highland Ponies Best Stallion - The Bonars, Bowmore Highland Ponies Best Gelding -…

  • Performance Awards 2020 Full Results

    In a break with the usual tradition of lunch, home baking and craic, the Performance Awards Presentations took place 'virtually' for the first time ever! We were delighted that, from 37 different firesides including the United States and Germany, Willie Ralston, the Society's Presidnet, welcomed around 45 people! Gillian McMurray gave a most interesting illustrated talk on the history of Highland ponies from their working days on farms and crofts to the ponies we enjoy today in performance in so many different disciplines. Christopher Grant who runs the scheme for England & Wales masterminded the presentations, warming us up with a lovely compilation of photographs featuring the ponies who had…

  • Invitation to Highland Pony Owners!

    Megan Hunter, a final year Equine Management degree student, is undertaking a dissertation in which she asks the opinions of equine rare breed breeders on the use of assisted reproductive technology. It would be much appreciated if you would like to participate in her survey which is directed specifically towards rare breeds and, in the fullness of time, her published results will make very interesting reading. You are welcome to participate here if you wish: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-OrXGdmFdUK6HF2nFeXrPjtLNJwv8PBKpNM69M-srHFUQkJSQjk4TVhNVFZCTUxUUTBESDM5UTNRMC4u

  • Invitation to Stud Owners!

    You will notice that there is a section on this new website recording Highland Pony Studs with links to the owner's website: https://www.highlandponysociety.com/breeders-owners/stallion-adverts/highland-pony-studs/. If you would like your stud added to this list, please email the Society with details and photographs and it will be featured very quickly. 

  • Welcome to The New HPS Website!

    We are delighted that the newly commissioned website is up and running. Huge thanks are due to Angela and Alan Frost of Biziserve Ltd who made themselves very familiar with the requirements of the Society and built the site with great understanding. The previous site was very functional but this one is easier to navigate and allows much better access from handheld devices. There are a few areas still in development and we will be very pleased to hear of any suggestions to amend and improve the site. Simply phone the Society during contact hours or email .    

  • 2021 Subscriptions Due Now!

    Many thanks for all the Standing Order payments for adult membership 2021 which arrived safely at the begining of this month. Confirmations will be sent to all as soon as possible. For others who have not yet updated their annual membership by cheque or paypal, it would be ideal if you could do so now in order that you don't miss out on any communications and member benefits. The payment is still £25 as it has been for over 25 years! Memberships can be paid by PayPal on this link or by BACS using sort code: 83 47 00 and HPS Account No: 00177837  


    Welcome to your new website and online store General Comments We hope that you will enjoy the recently launched website. Please feel free to comment, by sending an email to the Secretary. Login for Current Members To log into the website, you can use your Highland Pony Society database (Grassroots) member number and password. If you would like a reminder of these, please email the Secretary. Your login will give you access to the Society's full pedigree database,  the Members' Area and the online shop. There is no requirement for a second log in for the shop. Please check your email address. If it shows a former address or begins…