Performance Awards 2020 Full Results

In a break with the usual tradition of lunch, home baking and craic, the Performance Awards Presentations took place 'virtually' for the first time ever! We were delighted that, from 37 different firesides including the United States and Germany, Willie Ralston, the Society's Presidnet, welcomed around 45 people!

Gillian McMurray gave a most interesting illustrated talk on the history of Highland ponies from their working days on farms and crofts to the ponies we enjoy today in performance in so many different disciplines.

Christopher Grant who runs the scheme for England & Wales masterminded the presentations, warming us up with a lovely compilation of photographs featuring the ponies who had competed for points in 2020. 42 cards had been returned, 28 from E&W and 14 from Scotland. Working from the lower placings up to a terrific climax, all were awarded rosettes of some colour! Several participants gave a little infomration about the fun they had with their ponies and some had a dialogue with Chris who was so well informed about the ponies and their activities.

The Reserve Champion was Debbie Harris with her Achnacarry Machair Mist bred by Mrs Jean Connell who achieved 1265 ponts mainly in the dressage ring. In a blaze of glory, the Champion was announced - Joanne Bond riding her husband, Andrew's, Sienna of Sunnyneuk, a 10yr old mare bred by The Late Martin Taylor and his daughter Wendy. Joanne gave a lovely acceptance speech explaining that she had been around horses and ponies throughout her life and currently works teaching horsemanship techniques and in this wide experience, she stated that Highlands are the best equine breed! Their ability to form close relationships with their owners, coupled with a really good attitude to learning makes them second to none!

Huge thanks are due to all who participated with their ponies, Chris Grant and Gillian McMurray who had undertaken all the scoring.

The Highland Pony Society

UK Performance Awards Results 2020


Overall Owner Pony Total E&W S Specials
1st Andrew Bond

/Joanne Bond

Sienna of Sunnyneuk 2,450 1st   *Champion


*Trec (1,840)

2nd Debbie Harris Achnacarry Machair Mist 1,265 2nd   *Res Champion



3rd Mardy Fawcett Tower Highland Piper 1,229 3rd   *Senior Rider


rides (384)

4th Gemma Green Balmule Tavish 1030 4th   *Hunting (650)
5th Vicki Fletcher Royal Caledonian of Fourmerk 1011   1st *Homebred


6th Jess Lewis Trailtrow Glenkinchie 909 5th    
7th Sharon Hutcheon Dunedin Fenella 835   2nd  
8th= Cicely Young Dewley Craig Elachie 710   3rd *Jumping(370)
8th= Marsha Holtham Mhairi of Silverstripe 710 6th    
10th Alice Longmire Farquhar of Achnacarry 695 7th    
11th Linda Graham Dalesman of Combebank 550 8th   *Veteran
12th Lindsay Gunn Lachlan of Gersa 525   4th  
13th Danielle Spinney Hemarie Chiron 520 9th   *Stallion
14th Molly Burn Dewley Standfast 461 10th   *1st Junior
15th Carol Barnes Nant Cefn Coch Aries 430 11th    
16th Sarah Doran Ruby Rose of Strathmore 420 12th    
17th Fiona Steel Tower Ae Fond Kiss 415   5th  
18th Alexandra Hinchly Swallowfields Dragonfly 404      
19th Michelle Cockburn Misneach of Prewley Moor 400      
20th Nicole O’Malley Glenbanchor Tormod 394      
21st Kayleigh Moran Gordon of Caenlochan 305   6th  
22nd Emily Flynn Dunedin MacDonald 295      
23rd Rebecca Chalmers/

George Chalmers-Gray

Sovereign of Forglen 290      
24th Louise Dunn Finglands Glenbreac 285      
25th Louise Bone Hirstmund Beaujolais 265      
26th Amanda Fairclough Lagalgarve Ben Ghuilean 235      
27th Sarah Turner Bergerac of Kuranda 210      
28th A Neame/

Danielle Spinney

Clandon Oliver Twist 180      
29th Kate Lee Rannoch of Sunnyneuk 165      
30th Lorna Boyd/

Lynn Paisley

Jessica of Wooplaw 150      
31st= Gill King Birchcroft Victor 135      
31st= Susan Mayer Swallowfields Hobby 135      
33rd Lisa Callister/

Lucie Callister

Whitefield Prince Ruaridh 130     *2nd Junior
34rd Norma Gillon Strathearn Bonnie May 120      
35th= Norma Charters Birchcroft Jazzman 100      
35th= Angela Hopkins/

Angela Tucker

Sherrifmuir Morag 100      
37th Carol Barnes Nant Cefn Coch Hades 70      
38th Louise Robertson Rebus of Fourmerk 65      
39th Amy Whidburn/

Clover Whidburn

Dunstruan Darroch Mor 50     *3rd Junior
40th Kirsten Binnie Lagalgarve Beinn An Tuirc 40      
41st Amy Whidburn Dunstruan Darroch Mor 5      
42nd Amy Whidburn/

Timothy Whidburn

Ben of Ednam House -      


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