Welcome to your new Website and online store.

General Comments

We hope that you will enjoy the new website and please feel free to comment, by sending an email to the secretary.

Login : Members

You can use your Highland Pony Society database (Grassroots) login for this website. If you do not have one yet, please contact the secretary who can add your details.

Your login will give you access to the special members-only area when it is up and running. You will also be able to use it for purchasing from the society online shop.

If you had a second login for the previous shop, those details have not been transferred. Perhaps, you didn't realise you had 2 logins. If you are a member and have also registered to purchase through the shop, you will have had 2 logins. Your membership ID and password were applicable for the main website and your shop login for the shop. We apologise that this is confusing. Basically, if you registered for the Highland Pony Society shop on the old system, it will not have come across to the new system. You should use your membership ID and password for login.

Please check your email address. If you have an email address which begins "PLEASE-CHANGE-EMAIL", please change this to a valid email address before trying to purchase from the shop. Thank You.

If/when your membership lapses, your login will remain to allow purchasing from the shop and to view your orders. However, access to the member-only area will be removed.

Login : Non-Members

Unfortunately, we have not transferred your login details to the new shop. Therefore, we would respectively ask you to re-register to be able to purchase from the shop.

Recent Order details, including Membership renewals

If you have recently purchased using the online shop, your orders are safe and the secretary has access to them for verification purposes only.

Removal of your details

If you would prefer that your details are removed, please contact the secretary by email.