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Aims of the Highland Pony Society

  • To maintain unimpaired the purity of the Highland Pony Breed.
  • To promote the breeding of Highland Ponies for riding, driving, showing and other purposes including sporting, forestry and farm work.
  • To encourage the use of superior brood mares and good sound stallions.
  • To promote the general interests of the breeders and owners of registered Highland Ponies.
  • To encourage the registration of pure-bred stallions, mares and geldings in the Highland Pony Society’s Stud Book.

Patron: The Late Her Majesty the Queen

The Highland Pony Society was extremely fortunate to have The Late Her Majesty The Queen as its Patron.
Her Majesty was actively supportive of the Highland pony and there is a large breeding herd on The Balmoral Estate.
These ponies are being produced as traditional working ponies, ridden ponies and also for the show ring.