Note from the Secretary

The Secretary of the Highland Pony Society handles all registrations for the Stud Book and Appendices and anyone wishing to register or transfer a pony must apply for the appropriate form. At registration, a passport and registration certificate are produced for breeders. The Secretary respectfully asks breeders to take care when filling out forms. The system works primarily with the registration numbers of ponies. These must be accurately entered otherwise much time is wasted in correcting mistakes. On the reverse side of the form, whorls and markings must be entered along with an accurate description. This is to enable the passport to be produced.

All applications for registrations must have the microchip bar code label affixed above the breeder/inspector’s signature. If the bar code label is not affixed to the application, it will be returned to the breeder.

From 1 May 2022, Council is subsidising the cost of registrations by 50% to help defray the cost of compulsory microchipping. The cost of a foal registration will be £10 (rather than the usual £20).


When a breeder or owner receives a registration document, it is their responsibility to check the dates and data thereon and inform the office immediately if there is an error. This can only be corrected in time for the publication of the Stud Book if immediate action is taken. Please contact the Secretary for a guide to the completion of registration forms for the benefit of breeders, if required.

Daughter Stud Books in Belgium and Germany have been recognised by the Mother Stud Book (i.e. The Highland Pony Society) to register Highland ponies. Ponies registered outwith these Stud Books are not recognised by the Society. European Horse Passport legislation requires all equines, regardless of age or status, to be accompanied by a passport.

All horse owners must obtain individual passports for each horse owned. Passports can be held by the horse owner or keeper but must be kept with the horse at all times. Possession of a passport does not constitute ownership of the pony. The Registration Certificate is the sole document that identifies actual ownership.

Prefix/Suffix Registration

All breeders of Highland ponies must register their prefix/suffix and all foals registered by that breeder MUST carry the stud name of that breeder. The prefix/suffix must be relevant to the breeder’s name, house, farm, area, etc., but must not be chosen at random from another unrelated part of the country where Highland ponies are bred. The Society is a member of the Central Prefix Register which requires three choices in descending order of preference. You can visit their website – – to see if the prefix you have in mind might be available. Stud names become the property of the member and may be transferred to others if approved by The Highland Pony Society. Please note that the Central Register will only register one word of not more than 14 letters. These may be split by the applicant after allocation – e.g., Sgurrruadh to Sgurr Ruadh. For more information for breeders click on the Breeders’ pages in the left column menu.


The Stud Book is a register comprising sections for fully pedigreed, Appendix and Part Bred Highland ponies. All stallions must be bred from fully registered parents and must hold a licence before being used on mares. The progeny of any unlicensed stallion will be X registered.

Youngstock and New Entries

Applications must be accompanied by a SERVICE CERTIFICATE from the stallion owner. If this certificate is not enclosed, the application will be returned to the breeder. It is the responsibility of the mare owner to make sure that this certificate has been obtained before the registration is applied for. However, if breeders own the stallion, there is no requirement for a Stallion Service Certificate.

Progeny can only be registered by the REGISTERED mare owner. The Highland Pony Society requires applications for registration to be submitted by 30 November in the year of birth to guarantee the entry being in that year’s stud book. Applications received after 31 December for foals born that calendar year and not submitted within six months of the foaling date will be subject to the late registration fee and may miss the relevant year’s Stud Book. Late registrations must be approved by Council and will be charged double the normal fee. A DNA profile and parentage tests against the sire and dam will be required for any progeny not registered by the end of the calendar year following their birth.

Death of Pony

On the death of a pony, the passport should be returned to the Society together with the Registration Certificate. If, for sentimental reasons, owners wish the papers returned, an A4 stamped addressed envelope together with appropriate postage should be included.

Full Stud Book

This register is for fully pedigreed stock and the filly and gelded progeny of Appendix ‘C’ mares and a fully registered and licensed Highland stallion.

Applications for registration must be submitted by 30 November in the year of birthto guarantee the entry being in that year’s stud book. Forms received after the year of birth and not submitted within six months of the foaling date will be deemed to be late registrations. There is no requirement for DNA testing of late registered part-bred ponies. It is not necessary for breeders of part-bred ponies to have a suffix/prefix.