Highland Pony 2020 Project Display

Richly Deserved Award for Alison Payne!

Having been nominated for the much-respected National Equine Forum’s Sir Colin Spedding Award, which highlights exceptional work in the equine world, we are thrilled that Alison Payne has been recognised and will receive a Highland Commended Award for her production ‘The Highland Pony 2020 Project’ book.

Once Covid-19 struck, Alison recognised that many people confined to their homes felt trapped, isolated and frustrated and her mission was to alleviate this. She invited owners to prepare around 500 words and submit two photographs relating to one specific pony. She received 310 submissions and compiled these into a hard-backed book which highlights a huge range of 21st century Highland ponies from the most famous to lesser-known family ponies. Following thousands of hours of work and dogged determination, Alison achieved this book within three months of the initial concept and it will be a treasure to all Highland pony enthusiasts.

Massive congratulations to Alison!

The book can be purchased on this link: https://www.highlandponysociety.com/item/a-highland-pony-2020-project/