Social Media & Bullying Policy

Social Media & Internet Policy 2023


We would like to encourage all of our members to have a read of the following document:

Social Media and Internet Policy 2023


As Social Media becomes such a big part of our lives - it has become a double edged sword. Social Media is a great tool for keeping up with everyone and a very easy, accessible and quick way to share news with our members, however it has the potential to become a burden and encourage less than pleasant behaviour towards us and fellow members of the society.


We are so blessed to have such a wonderful community and array of members and so we have devised a policy which will hopefully help keep everyone safe and happy.


If you see anything that you think may violate this policy, please get in touch and let us know - we want to keep this a fun and friendly community and will not tolerate otherwise!


I thank you all for reading this and taking it onboard.

- Eilidh