Equine Grass Sickness – Get Involved!

Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) is a devastating disease of horses for which, despite 100 years of research, we still do not know the causes.

Equine Grass SicknessThe EGS Fund and Moredun have published an EGS update for horse owners with very useful information and links. Within this publication, they have announced the funding of a new three year research fellowship, which will bring a fresh approach to EGS research.

The project will bring together scientists from multiple disciplines relevant to EGS, to investigate novel strands of research, alongside horse owners and vets to produce practical outputs, such as a national database and biobank, which will facilitate future research.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

If you are interested in helping, please contact beth.wells(at)moredun.ac.uk for further information.

View the Equine Grass Sickness Newsletter October 2020 Here