Looking for an Overheight Highland pony 14.2hh plus

Location: Monster, Near The Hague, Holland
Contact: Christine Zaalberg


Looking for an overheight Highland pony – 14.2hh plus

We (that is my daughter Amy and I) are looking for a Highland pony, mare or gelding, 5 years or older, gentle and laid back in nature.

We are offering a 5 star home in Holland. We live near the beach and forest. We fell in love with Highland ponies several years ago when we were on holiday in Scotland and made several trips around Aviemore. We have had a very sad time since we lost our pony, Pyros, some years ago and have now reached a point were we would love to have a pony again.
We also own 2 border collies and a corgi and a flock of Cambridge sheep – see our photos.
He or she will be kept in a 5 star riding school with plenty of opportunities to stay outside in a meadow during the day. The focus will be on pleasure riding, light dressage or little jumping.
We are based in Monster (near the Hague) and a lovely home awaits.