Corrie of Invervack


Dob – 05/06/2008  Estimated height – 14.2hh

Corrie was bought as an unhandled 5 year old. Since then she has been turned out with a mixed herd and hasn’t had a job. She is still difficult to put a head collar on out in an open field but if she is contained in a smaller area it is relatively easy. Once she has a head collar on she is very easy to lead and a polite mare all round. She is good with the farrier.

She needs someone with some time to work with her. She may also make a good brood mare / companion.

She has a small cystic atheroma on the left side of her nose, she has always had this and it does not bother her. We have a vet report explaining that it is simply cosmetic and no treatment is necessary unless desired. It is not hereditary so would not be passed on through breeding.