Ponies for Sale

Advertisements Cost : £10 for Sales Adverts and £15 for Stud Adverts

To place advertisements with The Highland Pony Society, either :

email the copy advert to info@highlandponysociety.com and purchase an Advert online


post the copy advert with a cheque payable to the 'Highland Pony Society' to: The Secretary, Highland Pony Society, Grosvenor House, Shore Road, Perth PH2 8BD

Advertisers are encouraged to include an email address and one or two photographs sent with the advert as .jpg attached files. Sales adverts will stay on the list for 6 months or until the sale of the pony and Stud adverts for 12 months.

It would be most helpful if members would email when ponies from the Sales List are sold/bought. The List is being used very extensively and is proving invaluable for those searching for a pony.

Please Note: Sellers should be wary of prospective purchasers who email from abroad showing interest in their ponies and offering a sum much higher than the asking price. They may then request refund of the excess payment but the initial payment from them may not be honoured.

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  1. 2yr old colt

    Trailtrow Tomaidh Og


    Location: Ormskirk, Lancashire

    Contact: Heather Prescott

    Please leave message on 07745 093351 or telephone after 6pm

    Email: hprescott@btinternet.com 

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    Viewed : 200 Times

  2. 9yr old unregistered gelding



    Location: Oban

    Contact: Janis MacArthur, Barrapol, Tiree

    Tel: 07717 582303 

    Email: janismacarthur@tireebroadband.com 

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    Viewed : 185 Times

  3. 13yr old gelding

    Claymore Mitts


    Location: Argyll

    Contact: Janis MacArthur

    Tel: 07501512427

    Email: janismacarthur@tireebroadband.com

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    Viewed : 3571 Times

  4. 7yr old gelding

    Highland Pony Gelding


    Location, Ceredigion, West Wales

    Contact: Louise Maryon

    Phone: 07866 389856

    Email: louisemaryon@icloud.com

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    Viewed : 514 Times

  5. 3yr old gelding

    Glenbanchor Orosay

    Location: Croy, Inverness-shire

    Contact : Sally Leslie Melville

    Tel: 01667 493593

    Mobile: 07801 665648

    Email: slmcantray@gmail.com 

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    Viewed : 877 Times

  6. 2yr old mare

    Tanera of Carlung

    Location: Penrith, Cumbria

    Contact: Sarah Doran

    Tel: 07773 009526

    Email: dorzi75@hotmail.com

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    Viewed : 2619 Times

  7. 3yr old colt

    Talisker Royal Monarch


    Location of pony: Cheshire

    Contact: Hilary Bland

    Tel: 07917 452011   

    Email: ladybland@hotmail.co.uk

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    Viewed : 784 Times

  8. 5yr old mare

    Holmedown Emerald Isle


    Location: Ipswich, Suffolk

    Contact: Dawn Farnish

    Tel: 07766 604317

    Email: dawn.farnish@hotmail.co.uk

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    Viewed : 1611 Times

  9. 3yr old filly

    Moth o' the Maidens


    Location: Ayrshire

    Contact: Julia Whitaker

    Tel: 07518 494763 (leave a message first or text)

    Email: juliawhitaker@btinternet.com

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    Viewed : 1672 Times

  10. 8yr old mare

    Balmoral Tay


    Location: Mid Sussex

    Contact: Judy Russell

    Tel: 07756 033085

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    Viewed : 2535 Times

  11. 5yr old mare

    Boundary Beck Posy


    Location: North Norfolk

    Contact: Helen Almey

    Email: helen@almeysuffield.wanadoo.co.uk

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    Viewed : 1905 Times

  12. 9yr old mare

    Ellister Islay Riverdance


    Location: North Norfolk

    Contact: Helen Almey

    Email: helen@almeysuffield.wanadoo.co.uk

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    Viewed : 2151 Times

  13. yearling colt

    Gleann Tullie of Rynuan

    Location: Kingussie, Inverness-shire

    Contact: Joanna McCormack

    Email: jomccormack@hotmail.com

    or leave message on 07736 051714

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    Viewed : 1299 Times

  14. rising 3yr old filly

    Registered Pale Cream/Dun Filly


    Location: Suffolk

    Contact: Steve Parkinson

    Daytime: 01284 769337 Evening: 01284 705957

    Email: twosteves@btinternet.com

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    Viewed : 1195 Times

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