Ponies for Sale

Advertisements Cost : £10 for Sales Adverts and £15 for Stud Adverts. Non-members only.

With effect from 20 February 2018 there is no charge for advertisements for ponies owned by current Members of the Society.

To place advertisements with The Highland Pony Society, either :

email the copy advert to info@highlandponysociety.com and purchase an Advert online

or post the copy advert with a cheque payable to the 'Highland Pony Society' to: The Secretary, Highland Pony Society, Grosvenor House, Shore Road, Perth PH2 8BD

Advertisers are encouraged to include an email address and one or two photographs sent with the advert as .jpg attached files. Sales adverts will stay on the list for 6 months or until the sale of the pony and Stud adverts for 12 months.

It would be most helpful if members would email when ponies from the Sales List are sold/bought. The List is being used very extensively and is proving invaluable for those searching for a pony.

Please Note: Sellers should be wary of prospective purchasers who email from abroad showing interest in their ponies and offering a sum much higher than the asking price. They may then request refund of the excess payment but the initial payment from them may not be honoured.

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  1. 2yr old filly

    Eriskay Elspeth of Langsett


    Location: 13 miles north of Sheffield

    Contact: Alison Payne

    Tel: 07736 505355    

    Email: alisonpayne909@btinternet.com

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    Viewed : 76 Times

  2. 2yr old colt

    Glentrool Jamie of Castle Green

    Location: 13 miles north of Sheffield Contact: Alison Payne Tel: 07736 505355 Email: alisonpayne909@btinternet.com Learn More

    Viewed : 69 Times

  3. Rising 4yr old mare

    Tara of Litigan


    Location: Kinross-shire

    Contact: Clare Zank

    Tel: 07740 980660

    Email: clarezank@gmail.com.

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    Viewed : 304 Times

  4. 10yr old mare

    Balmoral Tay

    Location: Haywards Heath, Sussex

    Mrs Judy Russell

    Tel: 07756 033 085

    Please leave a message.

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    Viewed : 2455 Times

  5. 3yr old gelding

    Gleann Tullie of Rynuan

    Location: Kingussie, Inverness-shire

    Contact: Joanna McCormack

    Mobile: 07736 051714  

    Email: jomccormack@hotmail.com

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    Viewed : 652 Times

  6. 3yr old gelding

    Thunder Bolt of Philiphaugh for Long Term Loan

    Location: Rutland, Leicestershire

    Contact: Lynda Ferguson 

    Tel: 07760 402615

    Email: dougieferg@hotmail.co.uk

    Learn More

    Viewed : 757 Times

  7. 7yr old gelding for loan

    FOR LOAN - West Lodge Harris

    Location: Ayrshire

    Contact: Jacqueline Hyslop

    Tel: 07960 140932

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    Viewed : 554 Times

  8. Highland pony x Andalucian

    Barra of Torlundy


    Location: Fort William, Argyll

    Contact: Siobhan Carver

    Tel: 01397 703015 

    Mobile: 07810 085619    

    Email: chris.carver@btconnect.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 1509 Times

  9. 10yr old mare

    Lovely 10yr old mare

    Location: Wiltshire

    Contact: Sally Geary

    Tel: 01672 540819

    Mobile: 07775 167032

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    Viewed : 1479 Times

  10. rising 5yr old mare

    Whinneyhall Coral


    Location: Cupar, Fife

    Contact: Fiona Law

    Tel: 07525 065375

    Email: fionalaw94@hotmail.com

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    Viewed : 1299 Times

  11. highland stallion

    Sale or Loan - Nashend Buzzard (Stallion)

    Location: Isle of Mull

    Anne Elwis

    Tel: 01688 302331

    Email: errayfarm@btconnect.com

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    Viewed : 1346 Times

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