Ponies for Sale

There is no charge for advertisements for ponies owned by current Members of the Society.

For non-members advertisements costs are as follows: £10 for Sales Adverts and £15 for Stud Adverts.

To place advertisements with The Highland Pony Society, either :

email the copy advert to info@highlandponysociety.com and purchase an Advert online (if you are a non-member)

or post the copy advert with a cheque payable to the 'Highland Pony Society' to:

The Secretary, Highland Pony Society, Garbh Allt House, Maidenplain Place, Aberuthven, Perthshire PH3 1EL

Advertisers are encouraged to include an email address and one or two photographs sent with the advert as .jpg attached files. Sales adverts will stay on the list for 6 months or until the sale of the pony and Stud adverts for 12 months.

It would be most helpful if members would email when ponies from the Sales List are sold/bought. The List is being used very extensively and is proving invaluable for those searching for a pony.

Please Note: Sellers should be wary of prospective purchasers who email from abroad showing interest in their ponies and offering a sum much higher than the asking price. They may then request refund of the excess payment but the initial payment from them may not be honoured.

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  1. 3yr old gelding

    Gleann Tullie of Rynuan

    Location: Kingussie, Inverness-shire

    Contact: Joanna McCormack

    Mobile: 07736 051714  

    Email: jomccormack@hotmail.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 2041 Times

  2. 2yr old filly

    Eriskay Elspeth of Langsett


    Location: 13 miles north of Sheffield

    Contact: Alison Payne

    Tel: 07736 505355    

    Email: alisonpayne909@btinternet.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 1234 Times

  3. 8yr old mare

    Filare of Hirstmund


    Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

    Email: hollie_hd@msn.com for further information

    Tel: 07552 487924 

    Learn More

    Viewed : 1858 Times

  4. 15yr old mare

    Brownbread Squirrel

    Location: Cheshire

    Contact: Deborah Whittaker

    Phone: 01606 556953

    Email deborah.whittaker@gmail.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 1542 Times

  5. 5yr old mare

    Balleroy Destiny


    Location: Berkshire

    Contact: Jennifer Wood

    Tel: 07786 865939

    Email: wood_jfm@yahoo.co.uk

    Learn More

    Viewed : 1004 Times

  6. filly foal

    ***SOLD*** Filly Foal for Sale at Weaning Windgates Stud


    Location: Bolton, Lancashire

    Contact: Carole Forrest

    Tel: 07753 609499

    Email: sunnybrowfarm@btinternet.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 317 Times

  7. highland x appaloosa

    Highland x Appaloosa - Breac Haedore


    Location: Tyne and Wear

    Contact: Violet Wears

    Tel: 07891 316754

    Email: violettawears@gmail.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 545 Times

  8. 4 yr old gelding

    Balloch Bob

    Location: Aberdeenshire

    Contact: Kathy Legge

    Email: kathylegge@tiscali.co.uk

    Contact: 07812 969129

    Learn More

    Viewed : 1233 Times

  9. 15yr old mare

    Merlin of Sunnyneuk


    Location: Kingussie, Inverness-shire

    Contact: Sarah Rathbone

    Tel: 07814 991098

    Email: sarah.rathbone2@aol.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 872 Times

  10. 16yr old mare

    *** SOLD *** Katie of Alvie


    Location: Isle of Skye

    Contact: Fay Macrae  for Norman Gordon

    Tel: 07796 522390

    Email: faymac@btinternet.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 674 Times

  11. highland x aqh

    Highland x AQH

    Location: Kincardineshire Contact: Lesley Thorpe Tel: 07780 996994 Email: lesley@cowtonridingcentre.co.uk Learn More

    Viewed : 498 Times

  12. colt foal

    Wizard of Little Salkeld Mill


    Location: Penrith, Cumbria CA10 1NN

    Contact: Cheryl

    Tel: 01768 881523

    Email: organicflour@aol.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 483 Times

  13. 10yr old mare

    Balmoral Tay


    Location: Haywards Heath, Sussex

    Contact: Judy Russell

    Tel: 07756 033085

    Learn More

    Viewed : 567 Times

  14. 5yr old mare

    Bracken of Auchincrieve (251/13)


    Location: Banff, Aberdeenshire

    Contact: Jane Enkel

    Tel: 01466 771262

    Mobile: 07974274304

    Email: jmenk60@gmail.com 

    Learn More

    Viewed : 549 Times

  15. 2 yr old PB filly

    Stunning Registered Highland X TB filly


    Location: Based in Wedmore, Somerset

    Contact: Pip Bedingfield

    Tel: 07837 683465

    Email: pip.bedingfield@btinternet.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 289 Times

  16. 15yr old mare

    Rhondda of Mitchelland - Registered Mare in Foal

    Location: Penrith, Cumbria

    Contact: Cheryl Harrison

    Tel: 01768 881523

    Email: organicflour@aol,com


    Learn More

    Viewed : 339 Times

  17. filly foal

    Bluebell Suemay D’Argent


    Location: East Sussex

    Contact: Gabrielle D'Argent

    Tel: 07887812346

    Email: gabrielle@gmppr.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 200 Times

  18. 3yr old mare

    Fleur D’Ailly


    Location: East Sussex

    Contact: Gabrielle D'Argent

    Email: gabrielle@gmppr.com

    Tel: 07887 812346

    Learn More

    Viewed : 843 Times

  19. yearling filly

    *** SOLD *** Windgates Wanda


    Location: Bolton, Lancs BL53LR

    Contact: Michael Forrest

    Tel: 07753 609499

    Email mickfoggy@gmail.com

    Learn More

    Viewed : 204 Times

  20. 2yr old filly

    *** SOLD *** Windgates Winifred


    Location: Bolton lancs BL53LR

    Contact: Michael Forrest

    Email: mickfoggy@gmail.com

    Phone: 07753 609499

    Learn More

    Viewed : 355 Times

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