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17.02.2015 13:18 Age: 4 yrs

Performance Awards Scotland Results 2014

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30 members and friends attended the presentations for the Performance Awards Scotland 2014. None of the participants left without a rosette and some left with a great haul of trophies! Presentations were made by Mrs Jean Connell, the Society's President. Many congratulations to Kirstin McMurray who topped the list achieving 4027 with her own Trailtrow Texa Beag which was a 21st birthday present from her Mum - the breeder! The full results are given below.


The organiser of the Performance Awards, Gilean Docherty, launched the revised Cards for the 2015 season. These are very much more comprehensive, and conclusive to completion, than previously! These cards are available now from the Society at just £10 each (see the link given below). www.highlandponysociety.com/shop/services/performance-awards-cards.html