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  • NPS Baileys Horse Fees M&M Ridden Highland Pony of the Year Results 2013

    1st - Moss Side McLaren ridden by Bobby Bright

    2nd - Strathleven Drumochter ridden by Claire Fitch

    3rd - Rhinns Point Domhnull Hendie ridden by Lizzie Rowley

    4th - Macauleydene ridden by Frazer Atherden

    5th - MacDougaldene ridden by Jonny Stevens

    6th - Dunedin Duncan ridden by Richard Telford


    The other ponies competing in the class were; Horatio of Langley ridden by Amy Gould, Dunedin Mountain Rose ridden by Sarah Finlayson, Lottie of Combebank ridden by Amy Hunter, Dunedin Finale ridden by Chris Grant, Jura of Meggernie ridden by Lynn Paisley and Trowan Monty ridden by Alice Page.


    A further three Highlands competed at HOYS in the PRP Rescue Services M&M WHP of the Year: Cairns Fergus (ridden by Tori Oakes) and Alexander of Langsett (ridden by Katie Novell) competed in the not exceeding 143cms class whilst Hector of Langley (ridden by Sammy-Jo Grantham) contested the exceeding 143cms class.


    The 5 year old gelding Lochlands Silver Drum, owned by Wendy and Stuart Sheaman, won the HOYS Tagg La Liga award for the most consistent Highland pony competing in HOYS classes this year. Despite not qualifying, he won three 2nd places and a 4th place which contributed to his winning this award. He is produced by Aimee Devane (nee Hoare) from Newbury in Berkshire.