Membership of The Highland Pony Society

Membership Benefits

The Society, by its constitution, looks after both the Highland pony and the member.

The Highland Pony Society is a not-for-profit Charity associated to the National Pony Society, which enables all the native breeds of the UK to speak with one voice.

As a member of the Highland Pony Society you will enjoy various benefits:

    • The overall commitment of the Society through the President and the Council.
    • Regular newsletters.
    • Online access to Highland Pony pedigrees, breeders and owners.
    • Access by membership number and password to the member’s area of the website.
    • Preferential rates for registration and transfer of Highland Ponies, and for other Society services.
    • Exhibiting at the Highland Pony Society Breed Show (open to members only).
    • Study days and open days.
    • The right to vote for the Council.
    • The right to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote on issues raised .