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8.04.2020 12:09 Age: 129 days

A New Book Featuring Highland Ponies!

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Press Release!

Deadline for Entries 31 May 2020

An exciting new initiative is being undertaken by the Highland Pony Society this summer to assist in alleviating the feelings of isolation and frustration associated with ‘social distancing’!

We are going to create a hard-backed book, highlighting a range of 21st century Highland ponies from the most famous to lesser known family ponies. This will be a treasure to all Highland pony enthusiasts and will be available for purchase later in the summer.

We need your help!

Each Society member is invited to submit information about their chosen pony and should send the following to Alison Payne alisonpayne909(at)btinternet.com:

  • ·         400 and 500 words about their pony
  • ·         1 or 2 colour photographs. These should not be professionally produced as the Society do not want to add the complexities of copyright. Many owners will have access to photos taken by some of the Society’s keen amateur photographers who are usually very willing to allow use of their work. Credits will be given on all photos.

The deadline for submitting your contribution will be 31st May 2020.

Further information is given on the poster below.