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11.03.2020 13:47 Age: 87 days

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Let's Not Live With Laminitis

Birnam Arts Centre, Dunkeld

24 April 2020 at Birnam Arts & Conference Centre, Dunkeld Chaired by Roly Owers CEO of World Horse Welfare

9am        Arrival    and    coffee    Morning Sessions - Where we are and what’s happening

9.30am Roly Owers, World Horse Welfare & Dr Danica Pollard, Animal Health Trust - The scale of the laminitis problem in the UK, recognising it and reducing the risk of future episodes.

10.20am Dr Richard Vials, Equine Podiatry & Alex Thiemann, The Donkey Sanctuary - The early warning signs of laminitis, factors leading to laminitis. Recognising the window of opportunity to address looming problems. The mechanics of laminitis and laminitis relating to donkeys and mules.

11am   Dr Derek Knottenbelt & Dr    Carol    Hughes    Phytorigins    -    The important of good gut health, ulcers and their impact, endocrine disorders and the importance of weight loss programmes that are appropriate for the horse’s digestive system.

12.30pm  Lunch Afternoon    Sessions    -    Observation,    best    management    practices    and    solutions

1.30pm    Lucy    Rees    Equine    Ethologist & Justine    Harrison    Equine    Behaviourist - Horse behaviour, a good model of equine welfare, understanding and recognising the effects of stress due to inappropriate management, handling and training.

2.20pm Tamzin Furtado, Liverpool University & Jane Myers, Equiculture - Weight management, environmental enrichment, land management. The importance of understanding equines intrinsic needs. Human behaviour change.

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