Highland Pony Society News

26.09.2019 16:31 Age: 248 days

*** POSTPONED *** Combined Judges' and Members' Study Day

Angus, Middlesborough and Cheltenham

New date for Cheltenham will be 18 October 2020

16 March 2020 - It is very much regretted that the following event has had to be postponed. Sincere thanks to Debbie Spears, Christopher Grant and the teams from the Fells, Dales and Exmoors who have worked so hard in preparation. Their efforts will be translated forward to a future date for the Roadshow.  

Members, judges and native pony breed enthusiasts will be very welcome to attand this combined native breed event for members, judges and native enthusiasts. There will be practical indoor sessions and specialist speakers for four different native pony breeds There will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions for the speakers and also round table discussions for each breed.

Breed Societies are arranging the facilities for this Roadshows and there will be no charge to individuals and tea, coffee and nibbles will be supplied. Delegates will be able to buy their own lunches at each venue.