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Mare Travel Grant

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Explanatory Notes

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Loan Transfer Form

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Loan Transfers

Having a Loan Transfer in place allows the keeper of the pony to exhibit and breed (using their own prefix) as if they are the pony owner. Mares on loan for breeding purposes must be recorded as such by completing a loan transfer BEFORE progeny can be registered in the borrower’s name.

  • The Loan Transfer form MUST be signed and dated both by the LENDER(S) and BORROWER(S) of the pony.
  • Registration documents need not be sent to the Society with loan applications but the appropriate fee must be included.
  • The borrower of a pony will be accorded the rights of the owner by the Society and will be recorded as the keeper of the pony.
  • On completion of a loan, the Highland Pony Society should be informed and the keepership will revert to the registered owner. There is no charge for this. 

Mare Travel Grants

Mare Travel Grants are available. See the explanatory notes for more details.